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Monday, January 09, 2006

Dating swimsuit models

Around mid-last year I messaged and got a reply from an Asian swimsuit model. Yes, I was quite surprised as she was considerably hotter than I would normally go for. Later on I was even more surprised to find out she was real (a brief phone chat). We chatted for a while and it soon became apparent that she loved the attention of men. And for a while, I loved to give her attention.

But one day I was struck by the realization that, as far as I could tell, my only purpose was to feed her ego. This is a terrible trap for a guy to fall in to as some women (and men to, I guess) can often be more than happy to keep someone around whose sole purpose is to make them feel good about themselves. I resolved to no longer play this role, and it all came to a head one night.

Eventually I got around to asking her on a date, she was keen and we set a time and event (I was interested in seeing some local festival theatre). Three days before the big night she ended up telling me about these other guys who were also interested in her, and which she she go for a date with the next week.

That was the final straw, I said I wasn't interested in dating her as she obviously just liked to keep guys around to take her out and give her a good time. She was pretty annoyed by this, but I have enough self respect not to be treated as a pet!

In the end we talked on and off online for some months and we became more friends than anything. This was fine with me as I'd moved cities anyway. I was also careful to continue to not play the role of pet. I told her when she was being bad, lamented her bad choices in men and told her to buck up her act and, it has to be said, often treated her as a wayward child. Somehow we'd even talked about whether I'd date her, and I'd said never, she was the 'wrong girl' and completely undatable.

Fast forward to just before Christmas and she's bouncing up and down on my dick in the back of my car, screaming in pleasure.

How did this happen? Well, I ended up back in her city for a few days and we agreed to meet up. The whole date she was quite flirty and we got on fantastically well. And in real life she was just as hot as her pictures suggested so I was working the scene hard. In the end one thing led to another in a dark park near town. Why?

It all goes back to that dating snub I gave her months ago. I firmly believe that she was incensed a guy wasn't falling all over her and so she felt compelled to conquer me. To 'beat' me. You see, women who are that cute have many, many, many men constantly telling them how amazing and beautiful they are. I had annoyed her by not playing that game. It took me a few days to realize it, but the night of passion was, subconsciously, her own attempt to win back control of our friendship.

When I realized this I also remembered that she had said to me a day after the park, "So am I the wrong girl now?". It's clear now that in our chats I had made her unsure about her own beauty and attractiveness and so she remedied the situation by seducing me.

Truth be told she is a complicated and tricky woman. Outwardly beautiful, she has a bit of a mean streak in her personality and perhaps I had responded to that in our chats. I conclude this as I wouldn't normally act to undermine a woman. Sadly, with me 'beat', I'm sure she's absolutely not interested in anything else with me, long or short term.

I console myself with the idea that in this case, losing was definitely better than winning!


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