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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The lesson of a woman's secret

Over the weekend I've had three dates. Only one of which went anywhere interesting, the story of which is told below.

Daisy is an Asian lass who lives a city away. She recently moved there, but was back here for a couple of weeks holiday. We finally caught up for what must have been the 5th or 6th time since we first chatted on a dating site. She's tall and willowy and reserved, but sweet as well and quite had my eye for a little while. Unfortunately, nothing had happened and so I had moved on.

We ended up spending most of Friday watching DVDs and she really seemed to enjoy cuddling for a change, but she was careful to avoid kisses or anything else. She's recently come out of a relationship which she'd tried for the second time around so I wasn't going to push hard.

Fast forward to late Saturday and I get a text inviting me to the local Karaoke. She's back to Auckland on Sunday so I figure I'll leave my mate's place and head on over. Next thing I know is we're sitting together and she's tentatively trying out her hand on my leg, a real first for her. Soon we're kissing passionately and I figure it could be all on from here...

...But on the walk home she goes back to her old reserved self. I started to wonder if I'd done something wrong. What a mistake that is, never assume it is your fault guys! If a girl is all confused, acting odd, or just plain cold, assume it is her fault. You'll see more of this in the next post.

In the end, a brief conversation revealed she has some issues she's not resolved. She won't reveal them just now, but they're there and they're important to her I can tell. None the less, it was great to get a kiss from a cute girl at least. Pity she's not in the same city. And deconflicted.


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