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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Online and offline

As you may have noticed I tend to meet women online more than offline. Why? Well, it works for me and it keeps me pretty busy! But that doesn't mean I don't meet women offline too, I just haven't written about them yet.

But I also find something comforting about the online world. It's easier to sift for a woman who is most likely to be interesting to me, and also I'm sure she's got a few brain cells (internet takes a bit of know-how) and has at least one similar interest. It's a good start to anything I figure!

It also gives me time to get some good flirting in. To be honest, my biggest issue with offline is going from meeting and friendly, to flirty and kissing. A bit of online flirting makes it much easier for me to get over this hurdle. It's something for me to work on when I'm not busy online!


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