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Monday, January 09, 2006

Online no-no's!

I got a 'smile' on an online account and after an email back ended up on MSN with a nice local lady. One thing led to another (no, not like that!) and soon we're discussing the 'online crazies' she had met. I asked her to go over what was crazy about them, and her list proved educational, and highly amusing!

I include her comments, line for line.

- i had one guy i chatted to on msn (briefly) ask me if I could love him (after about 2 mins of chatting to him)!

- penis shots....sigh you all have one get over it already!

- one guy who liked horses just a little tooooo much...

- I meet a good looking turkish guy off and he was nice enough to tell me that if I lost weight he would date me!

- had a first date with a guy who turned out to be a little can i put this...simple perhaps?
Her comical advice actually contains important lessons for the daters like you and me. And these are:
  1. Never come across as needy. More on this huge topic later on some time.
  2. 80% of women aren't interested in seeing your penis. The 20% that are will let you know, believe me. Of that 20%, half will be guys pretending to be women.
  3. Cocky is ok, being a cock isn't.
  4. Be smart, if you're not, fake it through passion for something intelligent!
  5. Admitting your passion for animals to a woman is unlikely to win hearts.
More sagely advice and thoughts as they come to hand.


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