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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The start of the game

I've been more or less single for about a year now. The last relationship was a three-year one, ended by the somewhat confused woman I was engaged to. After three years I felt I need to get back on the horse, so to speak, and so took on the task of joining again the world of dating.

I do meet women in my social life but felt I could do better, so I headed to that old friend, the internet, and signed up with a couple of dating sites. For a small fee I could be in touch with hundreds of genuine ladies, so the advertising said. Many of whom would be ready to jump into my pants, so my loins hoped.

In the end, both facts were true. Over the past year I've met around 40 different women and slept with more than 20, almost all were from online dating. I've been told this makes me a bit of a player, but I'm genuine when I say that I still am really, truly, looking for the right girl. It just takes a LOT of looking!

But in the end I'm still single, not having found the right one, and it's the ones that got away that torment me the most. First to mind is Vanessa (not her real name, none of them will be), the gorgeous, local-Asian girl who is perkier than a kids TV show host. Vanessa is second only to Lana, the sultry Indonesian who gave me one night of the absolute best sex ever.

What to do? Well, my constant dating leaves me thinking about the great game that is relationships in the modern world, and I believe some folks out there might learn from my mistakes, or enjoy reading my tales of joy and sadness. I guess we'll find out!


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