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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome to my home country

Since the friend I was going to go out with bailed on me last Saturday,
and I felt like going out, I went out regardless.

I'd tell you guys where I went, but I think that the rules of the blog
are no-no in terms of pointing out the city we're in, or places we

Basically I rolled into an after-party I knew of, realised that I'm on
my own and noticed that the majority of people may or may not be cooler
than me. This is not a good thing. I roll into regular clubs knowing I'm
probably cooler than almost everybody there. Second guessing my coolness is a no-no. This after-party made me uncomfortable - and uncomfortable
is not a good feeling to have when you're going to meet new, hot babes.
So I rolled further down town, thinking "oh shit oh shit I'm on my own"
- pickups on my own is a new experience, btw. I enter a club which I
visit maybe once a fortnight bought a drink (tonic water, actually - I
tend to take my [supersport] Motorcycle into town so that I can get an
easy ride home) and saw a couple of HB8+'s nex to me at the bar. Fretted
for a second about how I was going to open them, then missed the
opportunity. Damn. They sat down at a long table a few meters away next
to some guy. Meanwhile I'd been ordering a drink, and not wanting to
feel like a loser on his own I went and opened the guy (I'm good at this
- if only I were gay) with "hey, what's up man. I'm Cassian" we end up
talking for a bit about whatever (2min max), then move onto the
commmonality that guys can talk to all other guys about WOMEN. He
mentiones the hot chicks sitting by them (who I didn't open!) and I"m
like "Hey, wanna meet them?" he kinda coughs and almost spills his drink
and replies "yeah! Do you know them?" I reply "Nah." Stand up, wander
the meter over, and say "hey, what's up guys, I'm Cassian" (this doesn't
normally work unless they're tourists or not hot) Thank god they turned
out to be Sweedish tourists. They give a bit of resistance, but I start
talking about the exclusive after party I'm going to roll up to later,
blah blah. Then make introductions to the new guy friend. Merged. A
couple of his friend s turn up, then we head on out. But one of the
chicks hasn't finished her drink! Oh noes! So what does she do? Tilts
her head back and downs it real fast (my kinda girl. This chick was
properly hot, btw. Nothing hotter than seeing a hot girl down her drink
super fast ;) )

We roll down to the after party, but they couldn't get in 'coz they
don't have any NZ ID (the bouncers were obviously losers - the cock farm
inside could have done with a couple of HB's)

Then we head to a back down town to a super classy bar, where the guy I
met is doing a great job of looking after my targets friend, I escalate
my HB8 with push-pull, stories, and games (including "slaps", and thumb wrestling -
she loves it!), along with a bunch of others. After I beat her at slaps
she kinda gives up with a big sigh and smile, leans forward, our
foreheads touch for a second, then we start making out - then harder,
then harder. She's fricken fiesty. ;0 (foreheads touching is a critical
step to an indirect makeout - and if you mis-read her; hey, it's only
your forehad touching hers. Not like you tried to kiss her. Pfft. )

Anyways we bounce about to various different clubs for the next couple
of hours, it turns out she's staying in a backpackers hostel (I knew
this already) in a room with six other people (I only found this an hour
after making out with her!) my place isn't really an option. So, damn,
no lay. But pretty awesome experience for first time solo.

It doesn't normally go this flawlessly.

Signing out. Peace.


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